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Welcome to our newly upgraded CommuteKern, a free web-based carpool matching program. By sharing the ride to work or school, commuters save money, help improve air quality, decrease traffic congestion, conserve fuel and promote better health.

Now employers have the ability to totally customize their CommuteKern web page.  This provides more variety in the look of pages with the ability of inserting logos and videos, adding special events and links, and placing specific pictures.  Site administrators can even manage prize drawings for their participants as incentives for participating in CommuteKern.

Creating your account is simple too. You control the personal information to reveal to other carpoolers. You may edit your information, or even delete your account, at any time. Once you have found your potential matches, CommuteKern allows you to send an email to other registered members.  You can also use your account to keep track of the days and miles you've shared a ride.

Interested in vanpooling? Registered clients can map vanpool routes, find participants, track mileage, and more! For more information, please contact our office via phone (661) 832-RIDE (7433) or email:

Privacy Tips:  If you do not wish to leave a hint to your worksite or home address, list an address near your start point and destination.  Or, arrange to meet your carpool in a public place.  Keep in mind that your email address may also indicate your workplace.

CommuteKern is a program of Kern Council of Governments.  Visit our website at for more commuter resources.

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